Wye River

The tiny town of Wye River is the place to go if you want to enjoy the coast without the chaos and commotion of some of the larger, busier towns. Located between Lorne and Apollo Bay, and only 10 minutes away from neighbouring Kennett River, Wye River has some of the best views along the Great Ocean Road.

Scenic Sights

Two scenic lookouts near the tiny hamlet, which provide breathtaking views of the waves crashing into the rocks, are Mt Defiance Lookout and Cape Patton Lookout. Cape Patton is also the highest coastal lookout along the Great Ocean Road.

Both viewing spots can be found heading South West along the Great Ocean Road, just outside the town. Park your car in the parking bays nearby and check out the spectacular views- you won’t regret it! (Just make sure to be careful of other cars- the parking areas can get pretty congested during the summer months, and it can be dangerous for pedestrians).

The Lonely Grave

The Great Ocean Road is renowned for the hundreds of shipwrecks that line the coast. There are several near Wye River, but the closest one would have to be the Lonely Grave, where the WB Godfrey was wrecked in 1891. Although there were no casualties from the actual wreck, several men died while trying to salvage the ship. A monument was built for the men 30 years later, when workers constructing the Great Ocean Road stumbled upon the graves. You can find this little piece of history at nearby Godfrey Creek.

Despite the permanent rips that can make swimming here dangerous for inexperienced swimmers, this popular coastal spot is a lot safer thanks to the Local Surf Lifesaving Club. Established in 1958, the club is responsible for keeping swimmers and surfers safe for over 50 years. They patrol the beach during the summer holiday season.

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