Wonderful Warrnambool

Warrnambool is the beautiful seaside city that greets travellers at the end of the Great Ocean Road. It is the perfect destination to spend a few days to really unwind and soak up the Coastal atmosphere. There is so much to do in this wonderful city that you could spend an entire vacation without leaving the city and immediate surrounds.

We've stayed here a number of times and it has been a great family break each time we have visited. Let me share with you all that this wonderful city has to offer.

Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village

Award winning Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village is one of the Great Ocean Road's premier tourist attractions, and a cultural heritage centre presenting the regions social and maritime heritage in a uniquely educational and entertaining way.

Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village is both a museum with Australia's richest shipwreck collection housed in its archives and museum gallery areas along with the village area that provides a glimpse of the maritime lifestyles and trades of the 1870's era.

It's complete with a Port and Vintage Ships!

You need a good day to explore the village, lighthouse & garrison complex. There is a spectacular light and sound show at night which dramatically tells the story of the famous Loch Ard tragedy.


In 1974 the Warrnambool Chamber of Commerce held a public meeting to float the idea of creating a new tourist attraction for the City. The lease to the Lady Bay Lighthouse had become available and the meeting proposed that the Warrnambool community take over the site and develop a new maritime museum.

Through a range of projects the village has been created and the dream of 1974 has now emerged to be the award winning Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village that welcomed its 2 millionth guest in 2009.

The 'village' is a focal point for tourism, heritage and collection management for Warrnambool.

Warrnambool Whale Watching

Whale watching at the famous Souther Right Whale Nursery at Logans Beach is simply a must during whale mating season, which is between june and october. Be sure to bring your camera!

Tower Hill Volcano

Just outside the City is Tower Hill Reserve. Tower hill is a dormant volcano, now rich in wildlife and flora. This amazing geologic feature was created about 30,000 years ago when a massive volcanic eruption created the outer rim of the volcano, followed by smaller eruptions which caused uplifts, creating the inner hills we now see today.

Lake Pertobe

Lake Pertobe has to be one of the best recreational parks in rural Australia. It's right on the foreshore, just behind Warrnambool's main beach.

It has series of playgrounds, including a fantastic adventure playground. There's a Maze here too!

It's a huge park with a network of lakes and islands, with walking paths weaved throughout. The Lake offers visitors a choice of canoe, paddle boat & motor boat rides. On a recent trip we hired 2 boats and treated the Kids to a motor boat ride (Yep, we needed 2 boats to fit all 6 us in!).

In the summer months there's usually a carnival here too, providing further entertainment, with rides catering for all ages.

Cannon Hill

You can get a great view over Lake Pertobe and Lady Bay from Cannon Hill, on the other side of the Park. A Portuguese Padrao commemorates early Portuguese exploration of the area. There are BBQs and a rotunda here, so it's also one of the better places for a BBQ.

This is just a taste of what the city has to offer. Be sure to visit other attractions like Proudfoot's Boatshed, the shipwreck trail, Hopkins River and Lady Bay.

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