Warrnambool Whale Watching

Warrnambool Whale Watching is the best whale watching experience in Victoria. Warrnambool is home to the famous Southern Right Whale Nursery at Logans Beach. It is simply a must during whale mating season, which is between june and october.

A Popular spot for Whales
Each year, Southern Right Whales return to the southern hemisphere to breed. The southern coast of Australia is a popular destination for the Whales, with the Whale Nursery at Logans Beach being a particularly favourable place to birth their young.

Apollo Bay to Portland
Southern Right whales will give birth in many different locations along Victoria's South West coast (Not just at Logan's beach), but there are a number of females that consistently return here, making Warrnambool's Whale Watching one of the best chances of spotting a whale during the season. You may spot whales anywhere from Apollo Bay to Portland, but if you're specifically looking to spot some whales, the viewing platforms at Logan's Beach give visitors a great view from the shoreline as the nursery is so close to the shore.

Whale Watching Tours
There are many other ways to see the whales.

Regular whale viewing cruises are operated by local charter companies.

Air Warrnambool operate regular whale spotting tours.

Take the train from Melbourne to Warrnambool Railway Station, guests can be taken to the Logans Beach Whale Viewing Platform and return.

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