Visiting Australia?

Visiting Australia? You'll find some of the best Australian travel information right here, provided by my friends and fellow travel website owners.

The Great Ocean Road is only one jewel in Australia's Crown. There is so much to see in this fantastic land we call home.

It's often said that there's 3 essential R's you must see while visiting here... The Reef, The Rock & The Road...

The Reef, is the absolutely fantastic Great Barrier Reef. The Reef can be seen from outer space and is the world's biggest single structure made by living organisms. You simply cannot miss an opportunity to visit it at least once in your life!

The Rock, is Ayers Rock, or Uluru as it is now known. Uluru is the aboriginal name for this stunning monolith. It has been said that Uluru is the world's Largest Rock, but Mt Augustus in Western Australia has that honor, by a mere two and a half times! Uluru however is far more striking.

The Road, of course is The Great Ocean Road, and you've found the best place to get some of the best info on it right here on this site.

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Marylyn: Family Getaways Melbourne

For the Best Exciting Getaways for you and your family in and around my Hometown Melbourne, visit Marylyn from Family Getaways Melbourne.

With insider tips on all the where, what and why's to help produce a most memorable time for you all. Family Getaways crammed full of free things to do, great attractions and the best and latest insider information.

Whether you are a local or an overseas tourist, your visit will be rewarded with everlasting family memories. There is so much fun and so much to see and do ... and so close to the City, allow me (SuperNan) show you around.

Tina: Travel Australia PLanning Guide

Are you planning to travel or holiday in Australia?

Tina From Travel Australia Planning Guide has a great site on, you guessed it... Planning your Australia Trip.

Here's some words from Tina...

"My Family loves travelling to Australia's beautiful and unique destinations.These adventures have been my inspiration to create this website and shareour holiday experiences with you.

Travel Australia and plan your exciting Aussie adventure holiday with thisTravel Australia Planning Guide. Learn from real life travelling experienceand be amazed by beautiful scenery at every turn and very unique attractionsand destinations."

Plan your own Aussie road trip or holiday and have an adventure to rememberforever!

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