Upper Kalimna Falls

Upper Kalimna Falls is the sister falls to lower kalimna falls, which is 1km downstream.

The walk to both Falls runs along the route of the old timber tramway which was used to transport timber from here to Lorne a few kilometres away. You can still see remnants and artefacts of the tramway strewn along the sids of the path as you venture further in. Old bits of track, chain and old sleepers are still clearly visible.

You start from the Sheoak Picnic Ground and follow the path of Sheoak Creek. The walk itself is very beautiful, and there are a number of great views upstream that make for a good photo!

Continue along the track past Lower Kalimna Falls (which you should visit too!) for another kilometre. You view the falls from a timber platform amongst lush ferns.

On your return, just over half way back (from the upper falls) you'll notice an alternate route back to the picnic ground to your left. It's a little longer, but you'll be treated with more tramway relics as you walk through a cuttting where you can still see some of the old sleepers. This track follows the adjacent Little Sheoak Creek.

Kalimna Falls Walk:
Start/Finish: Sheoak Picnic Gound
Distance: 6km Return (lower falls) / 8km Return (upper falls)
Duration: 2.5hrs/3.5hrs
Difficulty: Easy

Mike's Tip! You can cut your return walk by 6km (to the upper falls) if you drive a few km past Sheoak Picnic Ground... There's an access track that will take you straight to the falls!

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