Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve -- Extinct Volcano

by Marylyn(SuperNan)
(Donvale, Victoria, Australia)

The Extinct Volcano

The Extinct Volcano

The Extinct Volcano My first view of Tower Hill The Lava flows Emus grazing

It took my breath away!


"Tower Hill formed at least 30,000 years ago when a hot rising basaltic magma came into contact with the subterranean water table.

The violent explosion that followed created the funnel-shaped crater (later filled by a lake) and the islands seen today."...Source-


I was out for the day with a picnic lunch, a thermos of hot water and a full tank of petrol.

Just a few kilometers outside Port Fairy I turned off the main road
and just happened to glance to my right and there it was.

I had no idea where I was and it literally took my breath away!

There it was a huge expanse of inland water with what appeared to be an island in the middle of it.

I had accidentally found Tower Hill, one of the many extinct volcanoes that are scattered along the great Ocean Road.

Managing to find a road in, I drove past grazing emus, koalas sitting high in gumtrees and kangaroos bounding across the road in front of me.

At the bottom of the decent I found cultural aboriginal displays and Authentic Aboriginal Products at the outstanding Visitor Centre.

The area is mystical and if you are inclined you can enjoy an amazing bush walk.

There are five self-guided walks at Tower Hill, each with a different theme.

* Peak Climb (orientation and geology - 30 mins, steep)

* Lava Tongue Boardwalk (wetlands - 30 mins, easy)

* Hat Island Habitat Track (re-vegetation - 45 mins, easy)

* Whurrong Walk (Aboriginal foods - 1 hour, easy)

* Journey to the Last Volcano (geology - 1 hour, moderate)

Tower Hill has to be one of the most amazing and surprising places to find down along the the Great Ocean Road between Warrnambool and Port Fairy

Hope you get the chance to experience it...

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