The Curse of Cora Lynn Cascades

by Kevin


My name is Kevin, I read your blog about the Cora Lynn Cascades, and then my girlfriend and I decided to go there because your blog had such good things to say about it. It was indeed beautiful, and you were right that the scenery was just begging to be photographed, but I just had to write because shortly after arriving to the falls, I changed lenses to my ultra wide lens, but stupidly didn't lock it into place in the camera, so when I went to zoom it from 20 back down to 10, it popped off the camera and fell on the rock below, smashing the gold contacts, miraculously not touching the $200 filter I had just bought for it. After reading about what happened to your Noblex 150UX, I think that place must be cursed!!! The lens isn't totally smashed but it won't screw into the camera and I think it's toast. :-(

Anyway, it was so odd that that happened to both of us, I had to share! Thanks for a good blog,

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