Surfing Australia: The Great Ocean Road

Surfing Australia is a dream for many international tourists. Victoria's Surf Coast has to be the Jewel in Australia's Surfing crown. As you will discover, there are many lesser known, but no less impressive surf breaks right along The Great Ocean Road and Victoria's West Coast.

You'll find plenty of surf action even before the official start of the Great Ocean Road, at Point Lonsdale & Ocean Grove. 13th beach near Barwon Heads is probably the best known spot on the Bellarine Peninsula.

This is the 'Surf Capital of Australia.' There are good 'beginner' spots on Torquay's doorstep, with plenty of surf schools available to get you standing in no time.

Jan Juc is good for surfers looking to progress to the next level, while the Famous Bells Beach and associated breaks will keep advanced surfers very happy.

The Bells Beach Surfing Recreation Reserve includes Bells and Southside beaches. There are six Surf Breaks in the reserve, creating up to 6m surf at times. Bells has two breaks: The Bowl & Rincon. To the South west are Centreside and Southside breaks, while Winkipop is to the North East. All the breaks are within walking distance from each other. No wonder surfers love this place!

The Beaches around Anglesea are another choice for beginners, as is fairhaven beach, just past Aireys inlet.

Being the premier resort town, Lorne's beaches can get congested in the summer months. Still, it's a great place for bodysurfing and just getting wet! For a better surfing experience, you may want to head a bit further west to Vera Lynn & St Georges River. Wye River is also a good spot.

Apollo Bay
Marengo, Boneyards & Juniors are the three main breaks just past Apollo Bay.

Past The Cape
The coast past Cape Otway is rugged and untamed, and offers some of the best surf spots along the Great Ocean Road.

Glenaire Beach & Castle Cove offer good breaks, as does the ever popular Johanna Beach, which has to be one of the best surf beaches on the coast.

Princetown & Peterborough are also areas with good surf on offer.

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