Sheoak Falls

I'd driven past Sheoak falls a million times, but never stopped. I guess it shows that you can visit The Great Ocean Road time and time again, and still not see it all!

It's a pretty little 15m cascade. The natural amphitheatre that has been eroded over the eons is what I found most impressive. You really get a sense of how old these types of formations are.

I don't know why it has taken me this long to visit here, because it really is a tranquil little spot, and barely a 10 minute walk from the carpark.

Swallow Cave

Just as you get a glimpse of the falls, you'll come across a track junction. To the right is the track to Sheoak Falls, but if you continue left for a few minutes, you'll reach a viewing platform overlooking the falls and Swallow Cave.

Swallow Cave is a small cave formed when the creek carved out the softer rock deposits here. The cave is best seen during nesting from spring to Autumn, when Tree Martins build their nests inside.

From this point you can return to the carpark the same way you came, or continue on to Sheoaks Picnic Area, near the beautiful Lower Kalimna Falls, however keep in mind that the picnic area is a further 2.5km, and Lower Kalimna Falls a further 3.5km each way!

Sheoak Falls Walk:
Start/Finish: Carpark
Distance: 1.2km Return ( falls) / 2.2km Return (Swallow Cave)
Duration: 30mins/1hr
Difficulty: Medium

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