Port Campbell National Park

Port Campbell National Park is in many ways the Jewel of the Great Ocean Road. It is home to the famous Gibson Steps, 12 apostles, Loch Ard Gorge and many other famous landmarks.

The 12 Apostles

The 12 apostles; the famous sandstone stacks near Port Campbell are without doubt the most famous icon along the Great Ocean Road.These striking natural sculptures are the result of many thousands of years of erosion. The soft limestone that makes up this section of the Victorian coastline disappears at a rate of about 1cm per year. You haven't really visited The Great Ocean Road unless you have visited the Twelve Apostles.

Loch Ard Gorge

Popular Loch Ard Gorge is a few kilometres past the famous twelve apostles on the Great Ocean Road and is probably the second most popular attraction of Port Campbell National Park.

It is named after the famous Loch Ard Shipwreck, which saw the loss of 52 lives on one fateful night in June 1878. Only two people survived, and swam to the safety of the small beach inside the now named Loch Ard Gorge.

The Loch Ard precinct is where you will also find a number of other well known locations, such as the Razorback, the Island Arch (which fell in 2009. The two separate islands that remain are now locally known as Tom and Eva, named after the two survivors of the Loch Ard Shipwreck), Muttonbird Island, Loch Ard Cemetery, the Blowhole and also the Thunder Cave.

Gibson Steps

The Gibson Steps is part of Port Campbell National Park, and is just next door to the famous 12 Apostles. The Steps, and Gibson's Beach itself, is a must see attraction on The Great Ocean Road.

Named for the series of steps that lead down to Gibson's Beach, it is a very popular tourist spot. Visitors may recognise the two limestone stacks towards the western end of the beach, as they are also visible from the southern 12 Apostles viewing platform.

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