Picnic Food Ideas

Here are some simple Picnic Food Ideas to help you embrace the great outdoors without adding unnecessary stress! Nothing is more fun than spending quality time with families and friends and enjoying a picnic. Being outdoors always seems to generate healthy appetites and from past experience I have found that the best picnic food ideas are based on simple products that are packed full of flavour.

Pack a cold lunch!

Cold food picnics are not complicated and can often be put together from things you already have in your fridge or larder. Tortilla wraps filled with slices of cold meat, sliced tomato and shredded lettuce, topped with either mayonnaise or crème fraiche make a tasty and healthy snack that is easy to eat outdoors. Filled rolls or baguettes accompanied by a couple of salads are easy to bring along.

The Sweeter Option

If you have a sweet tooth or you have children then there is nothing better than a large slice of pie or tart. Just try to make sure that it is not too sticky. Homemade muffins are also a very good idea. Alternatively, a small tub of fresh fruit such as strawberries or raspberries would be a more healthy option.

Pack light and stock up on the way!

If you have time for a visit to your local supermarket on route, then you can make up a picnic from a dazzling array of foods. Great picnic food ideas include things such as sausage rolls, pork pies or slices of quiche, accompanied by tubs of potato salad , or a selection of anti pesto and a choice of salami. Pasta salads are also filling and tasty. You could also buy some ready cooked chicken and some bags of ready prepared salad followed by some fresh fruit for dessert. Don't forget to bring along plenty of soft drinks for the children, as they can get dehydrated very qjuickly out in the open, and maybe a bottle or two of chilled sparkling wine for the adults.

The Hot lunch

If you prefer the thought of some hot food for your picnic, and love the idea of cooking outdoors, then why not bring along a portable grill. If you're having a picnic on the beach what could be nicer than the smell of freshly grilled fish. Alternatively you could grill some burgers or kebabs and accompany them with a fresh salad and some homemade coleslaw. Just remember to keep your picnic food ideas simple, as what works well at home, is probably more difficult to execute otdoors and may require a lot more ingredients.

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