A Getaway Destination Sure to Please

Peterborough is the relaxed and slow paced coastal town located between Port Campbell and Warrnambool on the Great Ocean Road.

An Invite for a Peaceful and Fulfilling Vacation

Anyone seeking a low key and peaceful holiday should certainly consider this relaxed town. It is a tranquil village and resort area of about 200 people located on the Great Ocean Road southwest of Melbourne.

Bay of Islands Coastal Park is a big drawcard for myself personally as it is a photographers paradise. It is located to the west of town and boasts steep limestone cliffs, sea cave blowholes, impressive rock stacks, breathtaking gorges, and many other geological features that will captivate any traveler.

One thing I find especially wonderful about this place is that its small population, small beaches, and impressive scenery all exist in a tourist and family friendly area.

There are many ways for tourists to enjoy the local area. There are camp grounds for the outdoor enthusiast, a seaside golf course that is one of the best country courses in Victoria, and swimming and fishing opportunities abound in the local Curdies River and nearby Beaches.

Rich in History

The town has a rich and dramatic history. There is an area referred to as Massacre Bay, to the west of Peterborough where local oral history implies that Europeans killed many aboriginal men by driving them off the cliffs, while their women and children were killed in a nearby swamp area.

While there is no written evidence of this having taken place, the aboriginal population did drop from one or two thousand to near extinction. This could be the result of a migration, but the local folklore suggests otherwise.

The coastlines have been the host of many shipwrecks, including that of the Schomberg in 1855, which met its fate on a rock east of the Curdies Inlet. It was an English clipper attempting to complete an excursion from Liverpool to Melbourne in a mere 60 days to break a 68 day record the ship captain made earlier. It is assumed that some of those shipwrecked on the rock, now known as Shomberg Rock, decided to stay.

Affordable Coastal Property

If you also decide to stay for good then you will be pleasantly surprised by the local property prices (well at least compared to the likes of Torquay and Anglesea).The distance from Melbourne and relative isolation means that Peterborough is still an affordable option for those looking for coastal property.

Things to See

If you do decide to enjoy everything the town has to offer, here are some key point areas to visit:

* Peterborough Beach

Visitors will most certainly want to explore the beach, which is nestled among the eye catching cliffs. Tourists can enjoy swimming, fishing, and surfing.

* Curdies Inlet

The inlet is a calm stretch of water hidden behind the sand dunes, offering more peaceful waters than the turbulent waves in the ocean. Activities in the inlet include swimming, sail boarding, boating, and fishing.

* Bay of Islands Coastal Park

Visitors will definitely want to sight see and catch views at some of the spectacular vantage points on the cliffs overlooking some of the most gorgeous scenery including islands offshore, blowholes, rock formations, and vivid coastal scenery.

Activities include snorkeling, exploring the beaches, golfing, trail walking, and fishing.

If you want to experience a getaway that offers enjoyable activities and breathtaking scenery in a low key friendly setting, Peterborough is an Australian destination to consider. Whether you are traveling adults only or with kids, there's something for everyone here.

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