The Great Ocean Walk.
See the hidden wonders of the Coast.

The Great Ocean Walk is on the list of 'must do' nature hikes for many hikers and backpackers. I've tackled many sections of the walk over the years, probably close to half the entire distance, but I'm planning to do the whole walk (including the surf coast walk and as much of the (hopefully) future Trans Otway Waterfall Walk that I can gain access to) from start to finish this year as part of a major photographic expedition. I'll keep you posted!

This simply stunning walk starts at Apollo Bay and stretches a challenging 105km to Glenample Homestead, just short of the 12 Apostles.

The only way to 'see it all'

As anyone who has travelled the road would know, the trip between Apollo Bay and Princetown is almost entirely inland, so the Great Ocean Walk gives travellers the opportunity to see this entire section of coastline, which is not possible any other way (except from the air or sea).

Walk one section, or all eight

As I've suggested, you can do any number of sections as there are numerous access points along the walk, but the best way to experience it would have to be doing the whole 8 day walk.

The walk is divided into 8 sections with each section terminating at one of 7 hike-in campsites. Each site has tent pads, toilets, shelters, rainwater tanks (untreated) and camp tables. Please note: not all campsites are natural terminating spots and may require walking several kilometres to an access road (like Ryans Den for example)

Here is a list of the camp sites...

Elliot Ridge hike-in campsite (10.3km from Apollo Bay Visitor Information)Blanket Bay hike-in campsite (13.3km from Elliot Ridge hike-in campsite)Cape Otway hike-in campsite (11.4km from Blanket Bay hike-in campsite)Aire River hike-in campsite (9.8km from Cape Otway hike-in campsite)Johanna hike-in campsite (15.3km from Aire River hike-in campsiteRyans Den hike-in campsite (14.8km from Johanna hike-in campsite)Devils Kitchen hike-in campsite (15.3km from Ryans Den hike-in campsite; 14.1km to Great Ocean Road information bay, Glenample)

Discover your own piece of Coast

Some of my favourite spots along the walk are Blanket Bay & Point Franklin for their beauty & sense of remoteness, Cape Otway for the impressive lighthouse and history, Aire River & Glenaire Beach for the childhood camping memories & stunning scenery, and Moonlight Head & Wreck Beach for the intricate rock patterns and photogenic Ship Anchors. You'll have your favourite places too, but you'll have to start walking to find them!

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