Marriners Falls and Paradise Valley

Marriners Falls is located on the Barham River in the magnificent Paradise valley, located in the hills right behind Apollo Bay. It's lesser known than the other waterfalls within the Great Otway National Park, but in my opinion every bit as beautiful.

The moderate 40 minute walk to the falls has to be one of the best in the region, and one of the more unspoilt ones. There are no bridges across the five river crossings. Instead, you navigate your way across large stepping stones, which make for very nice photos. Think twice after heavy rainfall, unless you have some gumboots!

Paradise Valley, and specifically Marriners Falls is definately one of my favourite places in the entire region.

This photo was taken in 2005, while on a walk to the falls with my wife and kids. As we got to this serene crossing it began to rain and we had no wet weather gear. I sent the family back to the car and set up to take a quick shot of this unbelievably beautiful scene.

(Camera Talk:
I was shooting with my first Swing lens camera, the Noblex 135U. Swing lens cameras are dedicated for panoramic photography. You capture a scene as the lens rotates around a curved film plane. This creates images with a 140 degree field of view with unsurpassed detail and sharpness. The downside is they are SLOW. A one second shot can take up to a minute as the drum rotates a whole 360 degrees.)

As the rain set in, I decided on a shorter shutter speed so I could hightail it out of there before the camera got drenched. As it turns out, I was very lucky to get this shot. A few months later, a massive storm sent floodwaters raging through the valley. I revisited a few months later to re capture this shot at a slower shutter speed (to get more motion blur in the water). I was staggered to find this location totally obliterated! There must have been a wall of water that came through here. there was just mud everywhere, you wouldn't think it was the same place.

Since then the area has largely returned to its former glory, so rest assured it's a stunning place to visit once again.

The Luxury Overnight Stay
Paradise Valley is a great place to stay overnight. The Road to Marriners falls is dotted with B&B's and Holiday Villas of the highest quality. Most of them have river frontage or are adjacent to the Barham River, and the whole area is only minutes from the beaches of Apollo Bay. I give the whole area a big tick of approval.

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