I really enjoy the-great-ocean-road.com

by Rex


I really enjoy your site. I am a keen amateur photographer and your site inspired me to take a photographic trip down the Great Ocean Road. I understand your passion for this area. It has everything going for it.

One of the difficulties I had, however, was in photographing some of the spectacular coastal scenery. What is the best way to handle harsh shadows along the cliff faces when photographing places like Bay of Martyrs? It seems like early morning and late afternoon create stronger shadows. Do I really need to photograph around midday even though the sun is so harsh at this time of day?

Thank you for your effort in creating a website that is so helpful for people interested in photographing The Great Ocean Road.

Until I read your site, I had no idea that the area around Childers Cove existed - it's such a spectacular area and basically tourist free.


Rex H

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Dec 19, 2011
Re: photography
by: Anonymous

Hi Rex,

Yes it is an amazing place!
The shot of Bay of Islands I use on my website header was taken in strong mid afternoon sunlight. I actually prefer shooting just after sunset, as the light is still beautiful but you don't have heavy shadows. You can also get away without a grad ND filter most of the time. I wouldn't be completely afraid of shadows though; Shooting at 90 degrees from the sun creates great
shadow tonality in your shots. I hope this info helps.

Best regards,


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