Great Ocean Road Hiking Vacations

The Great Ocean Road is of the Greatest Coastal drives. It also offers some of the best Hiking Vacations (or holidays for us Aussies) too! In fact, the only way to see much of the coast is to start walking.

The Great Ocean Walk

The Great Ocean Walk is on the list of 'must do' nature hikes for many hikers and backpackers. This simply stunning walk starts at Apollo Bay and stretches a challenging 105km to Glenample Homestead, just short of the 12 Apostles. If you're looking for a fantastic Hiking Vacation... this is it!

Walk one section, or all eight

The Great Ocean Walk is divided into 8 sections with each section terminating at one of 7 hike-in campsites. Each site has tent pads, toilets, shelters, rainwater tanks (untreated) and camp tables. Please note: not all campsites are natural terminating spots and may require walking several kilometres to an access road (like Ryans Den for example). Click this link for more info on the Great Ocean Walk

The Surfcoast Walk

The Surfcoast Walk is a spectacular 35km hiking trail weaving its way along cliff tops, beaches and coastal bushland tracks. It starts at Jan Juc, near Torquay and goes right through to Moggs Creek, just past wonderful Airey's Inlet. Like the Great Ocean Walk, the surfcoast walk is divided in stages; five to be exact, each with it's own access point so anyone from beginners to experienced hikers can enjoy the beautiful natural wonders the trail has to offer. There is many a photographic opportunity along the walk, which is the main thing that attracts me personally to the area. Bring your camera!

Trans Otway Waterfall Walk

In recent years there has been lobbying to the Victorian Government for the creation of the 'Trans Otway Waterfall Walk' which would include up to 20 falls & cascades over a 65km trail.

If created, it would link the Surfcoast Walk with the Great Ocean Walk, creating an unbroken >200km walk from Torquay to Port Campbell, rivalling wilderness walks in Tasmania and North America. This is something I would very much like to see come to fruition! Hopefully it's something we will se in the coming years!

Hiking Gear Checklist

Before setting off on any Hiking trip, make sure you are well prepared for your walk. I have prepared the essential Hiking Gear Checklist here.


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