Henderson Falls

Henderson Falls is another beautiful waterfall in the Lorne area that is worth visiting. It is located within a cluster of waterfalls including Phantom, Won Wondah, Upper and Lower Kalimna, Erskine falls, and Cora Lynn Cascades. You can get detailed information on each of them on my Waterfalls page.

Henderson falls really is a treat (as are most of the falls in the area). I spent a good hour and a half here shooting from many different angles. The shot above is one of my favourites, taken from an elevated position on a large rock near the base of the falls.

There seems to have been a recent rock fall, seemingly caused when a giant eucalypt tree lost it's fight to stay upright near the edge of an embankment. It's made a mess just before the falls, but the immediate area near the falls has not been affected.

Getting Here

The walk starts from Sheoak Picnic Area, behind Lorne. From the carpark, you follow Sheoak Creek before crossing Allenvale Road, and then through dry forest. After crossing Sharp's Track (which leads to Sharp's Track Camping Ground), continue down to Henderson Creek and past Won Wondah Falls. You'll come across a fork in the track. Take the left branch for another few hundred metres to the Falls.

The right fork leads to 'The Canyon', and then onto Phantom Falls. You can do this walk as a 9km loop which takes in Henderson, Won Wondah and Phantom Falls, and also 'The Canyon', returning via the track to the Allenvale Mill site, and then along Allenvale road and back to the Picnic area.

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