Great Ocean Walk Stage Two

Stage Two:
Start: Elliot Ridge
Finish: Blanket Bay hike-in campsite
Distance: 13.3km
Duration: 5 hrs
Difficulty: Hard

The Great Ocean Walk Stage Two begins at Elliot Ridge and takes you to the Beautiful Blanket Bay, some 13km away.

The walk to Blanket Bay from Elliot Ridge is almost completely inland, with occasional coastal views. It is quite steep in places so take care.

You venture into lush eucalypt forests along Parker Rd, Johnson Track and Blanket Bay 4WD tracks before heading south, back towards the coast along Telegraph Track and down to Blanket Bay. A few kilometres further and you'll reach Blanket Bay hike-in campsite. It's a difficult, but straight forward stage, with a great reward at the end...

Blanket Bay is tucked away in an isolated pocket of coastline. It's one of the hidden treasures of the Great Ocean Road and a highlight of the Great Ocean Walk.

The shoreline is unspoilt as far as you can see, and the bay's beautiful rock ledges come to life in the right lighting conditions, offering a seemingly endless array of patterns and interesting angles to photograph.

The only hints of civilization is the old storage hut ruin. A stone chimney is the only thing that remains of the old hut, once used to store lighthouse supplies coming in from the sea to supply the nearby Cape Otway Light station. The light station itself is a must-see Great Ocean Road attraction, so be sure to visit!

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