Great Ocean Walk Stage Three

Stage Three:
Start: Blanket Bay
Finish: Cape Otway hike-in campsite
Distance: 11.4km
Duration: 4 hrs
Difficulty: Medium

The Great Ocean Walk Stage Three starts at Blanket Bay, and takes in the magnificent Parker Inlet, Point Franklin and Cape Otway.

Before proceeding, please be sure to clean your shoes at the Phytophora cleaning station at blanket bay, and again at Point Franklin to reduce the spread of floral disease.

The first 4km is through coastal woodlands to the amazing Parker Inlet. From the Parker Inlet lookout, it's a steep descent to the river itself.

Parker Inlet is simply stunning, and full of photographic promise (the photographer talking again). It's really like no other place along the Great Ocean Walk.

After crossing the parker river, take some time to stop and take in the scenery before deciding to take either the coastal or inland route to Point Franklin.

Coastal Route
The coastal route involves a number of rock scrambles, and is only possible at low tide and calm seas, so check conditions beforehand.

Inland Route
For the inland route, you tackle an equally steep climb up the other side, and through eucalypts and coastal scrub, then finally along the clifftops to Point Franklin.

From point Franklin it's a straightforward walk along a vehicle track to Parker Hill. From here you travel West through manna gum forests which are home to many Koalas, before you reach Lighthouse Rd. From here you walk on the track alongside the road to the Cape Otway Lightstation, then on to the Hike-in campsite for the night.

If you get here early enough, you can explore the Lightstation before settling in!

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