Great Ocean Walk Stage Six

Stage Six:
Start: Johanna Beach
Finish: Ryans Den hike-in campsite
Distance: 14.8km
Duration: 5.5 hrs
Difficulty: Hard

The Great Ocean Walk Stage Six Starts at Johanna Beach and terminates at the isolated Ryan's Den walk-in campsite. This has to be the most unique campsite of the entire Great Ocean Walk, with one particular tent site offering one of the best ocean views of any place I've seen.

The majority of the walk is inland along vehicle tracks, and is not exactly the highlight of the walk, but the hike into Ryan Den from Milanesia Beach certainly makes up for it!

From the Johanna Beach Great Ocean Walk campsite (also with stunning views), you hike through the lush rolling hills above the Johanna River Valley. You will pass through a series of gates, which are there to keep grazing cattle from wandering off (be sure to leave the gates as you find them when passing through).

Continue down Old Coach Road to Hiders Access Road, which is a particularly steep section, and then left onto Milanesia Track. Continue through the heathland, which offers the occasional coastal view, before descending into a tall and equally stunning Eucalypt forest as you approach Milanesia Beach. This is where the scenery starts to change significantly.

Continue down to Milanesia Beach, being careful as you cross Milanesia Creek. This beach is one of the hidden wonders of the Great Ocean Road. The sense of isolation and sheer untouched beauty is something else! It's also here that you will find the cannonball rocks.

If weather and conditions permit, you can continue along the beach, or take the inland route, which meets up with the beach track a kilometre later. The scenery here is some of the best along the Great Ocean Walk, but the elevation changes make it also one of the most difficult small sections.

After several climbs and descents, you finally ascend to Ryan's Den hike-in campsite.

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