Great Ocean Walk Stage Five

Stage Five:
Start: Aire River
Finish: Johanna hike-in campsite
Distance: 15km
Duration: 5.5 hrs
Difficulty: Medium

The Great Ocean Road Stage Five starts at the beauitful Aire River and takes in Castle Cove, coastal woodlands and popular surf spot Johanna Beach.

From the Aire River bridge, it's a climb past the Great Ocean Walk campsite and along stunning clifftops to Castle Cove. The views from up here (particularly of the river) are just amazing, so keep your camera handy!

At Castle Cove you can walk up the steep track to the viewing platform adjacent to the Great Ocean Road itself. Here you can read about dinosaurs that inhabited the area millions of years ago. Other than at the start of the walk at Apollo Bay, this is the only place along the walk with direct access from the Great Ocean Road.

From the lookout, there's more cliff top hiking, with views of Dinosaur Cove and further along the coast. You continue on Dinosaur Track and Rotten Point Track (rotten point seemed aptly named for me as a child, due to cutting my big toe open there while fishing with my dad), before crossing Browns Creek.

The creek marks the eastern edge of Johanna Beach, a popular surfing and fishing spot, and one of my favourite places. It's a further couple of km's along the beach and across Johanna River to the Johanna Beach Campground.

I've spent plenty of time here with my own children (pictured above, and much younger!), and if you're looking for a great spot for a lazy afternoon, there's good access from The Great Ocean Road, which is a few Km's away.

The surrounding area is known for it's bald rolling hills (which looked kind of like sleeping green elephants to me as a child!) which make for very interesting photos.

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