How to get to The Great Ocean Road Victoria

You may have heard of the Great Ocean Road Victoria, but don't know exactly where it is or how to get here.

Well the Great Ocean Road is a 241km coastal road of unrivalled beauty & natural wonder, situated between the seaside cities of Torquay and Warrnambool on the South West Coast of Victoria, Australia. Victoria is the most Southern mainland state of Australia (Tasmania being an island state to the south).

Victoria's capital, Melbourne is a little over an hours drive from the start of the journey at Torquay. Geelong, Victoria's second largest city is only 30 minutes away.

How to Get here
Getting to the Great Ocean Road Victoria is relatively simple, depending on where you're travelling from.

International Travellers
Well the first thing of course is to arrange your tourist visas, buy your tickets and make your way to the beautiful City of Melbourne, Australia.

Melbourne has two Major Airports; Tullamarine for those travelling directly to Melbourne, and Avalon, near Geelong, which is currently a domestic Airport servicing flights from Australia's Capital Cities.

Once you're in Melbourne
Once you're in Melbourne, and have arranged your transportation, it's a very straightforward drive down the Princes Freeway, past Geelong and onto Torquay. It's very well signposted, so you shouldn't have a problem. Alternatively you Could drive directly to Warrnambool from Geelong and start your Journey from there.

Of course, domestic travellers can travel by car from just about anywhere in mainland Australia. If you're travelling from the West (Perth, Adelaide) then you would probably travel to Warrnambool and start there.

I hope that the information provided on this site will both inform and inspire you to take the Breathtaking journey of a lifetime.

Happy travelling!

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