Gibson Steps:
A Photographers Paradise!

The Gibson Steps is part of Port Campbell National Park, and is just next door to the famous 12 Apostles. The Steps, and Gibson's Beach itself, is a must see attraction on The Great Ocean Road.

Named for the series of steps that lead down to Gibson's Beach, it is a popular tourist spot. Most visitors will probably recognise the two limestone stacks towards the western end of the beach, as they are also visible from the southernmost 12 Apostles viewing platform.

They are often counted as 'apostles' by visitors, but they are in fact distinct rock stacks on the opposite side of the 12 Apostles.

The steps are now open again after being closed in 2008 for reconstruction work. You really must take the opportunity to explore the beach, and get up close to the rock stacks. They look very different when viewed up close. They look more like weird sculptures with lots of surprising angles and bits of protruding limestone.

I have many good memories here, and have spent more sunrises and sunsets here than I care to count!

Mike's Tip! This place really is a photographers paradise, but for something a little less shot to death, try shots from down on Gibson's Beach itself rather than from the 12 Apostles Viewing platform. Just watch the tides if you're shooting the western end near the rock stacks!

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