Drunk on ice cream? A Fond Great Ocean Road Memory.

My Dad and I were on holiday in Australia about this time of year in 2001. It was a great holiday and I really hope to go back someday. My funniest memory (although my Dad might not agree!) was driving along the great ocean road we pulled into a small, out of the way town and had ice cream. Back on the road and in the middle of nowhere, we met a cop check point, checking for drink driving (I suppose it was the Christmas season, even if I can't imagine where you would have bought alcohol around there!) Anyway, we were in line behind another car when Dad suddenly remembered he had rum and raisin icecream! Panic followed, how much alcohol was in rum and raisin icecream! I tried to assure him there was none but he was in no mood to be reassured.

i'm sure that swilling his mouth with water furiously as the cop came to the window made sure that the guy made him blow in the bag! Of course the reading was zero but Dad stuck to strawberry flavour icecream for the rest of the holiday!

Great site, I'll check back if we do decide to go again!

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