Cora Lynn Cascades

I recently visited the Cora Lynn Cascades for the first time, and although I got some great shots, they came at an equally great price.

Cora Lynn Cascades are a lesser visited series of waterfalls and cascades behind Lorne on the Great Ocean Road, but are not any less beautiful than some of the more popular waterfalls of the Otway Ranges.

Perhaps it's the strenuous 90 minute, 4km return walk that deters most visitors, but I have to say it's worth the effort.

To get to the cascades, you venture deep into a lush valley. The walk starts easy enough, but as you get deeper into the valley, the difficulty increases, especially after heavy rain (which was when I visited).

As you get to the valley floor, you are welcomed by the calming sound of cascading water. It's easy to think you've arrived, but there's still a bit more walking before you get to the base of the final cascade.

I'm not sure exactly how many cascades there are, but there seems to be about five or six, spanning about 150m from first to last. You can't get a clear view of all of them, but you can hear them from the walking track.

Once I got to the last Cascade, I began scouting for the best camera angles. There are so many possibilities here!

I identified a few different compositions which called for both my Fugi G617 and Noblex 150UX panoramic cameras.

As the scene really lended itself to the ultra wide format of the Noblex, I started shooting with it first. The narrower field of view of the Fuji called for a much more distant point of view, so I placed my Noblex back in the case once I had finished with it (and made the terrible mistake of not closing the lid properly!) and composed my first shot with the Fuji.

The camera case was sitting on a nearby rock, and I had to move it out of the scene. In my haste to capture all the shots I wanted before sunset, I quickly picked up the case by the handle to move it behind the rock. I'm guessing you have a fair idea of what happened next!

The case lid flipped open, catapulting my Noblex out of the case and onto the rocks below, finally resting in the shallow water below the cascade! My heart sank as I watched all this in what seemed to be slow motion. Once it landed in the water I was sure it was destroyed.

To my surprise, it seems the water hasn't killed it, but I'm probably still up for a costly repair job as the impact has caused some seemingly repairable damage. I'll hav e to wait and see!

I'll have to come back here again. The track continues past the cascades and looks simply stunning as the valley closes in around you.

Massive rock walls, giant ferns and ancient trees are just begging to be photographed!

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