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When it comes to Camping Locations, you can't go past the Great Ocean Road and Otway Ranges for some of the best Camping Spots in Victoria and South Eastern Australia.

From Coastal camp trails, to camping deep in the Mountains, there is no shortage of camping ideas along the Great Ocean Road.

glenaire, aire river

One of my all time favourite camping locations has to be 'Glenaire' camp ground, about 30 minutes past Apollo Bay. Today it's called Aire River Camping ground, but it will always be Glenaire to me! (That's me pictured in the red jumper, circa 1985.)

Glenaire (some people spell it Glen Aire) is my Childhood camping spot, and it is just beautiful! You are surrounded by large hills on both sides of the river, speckled with ocean woodlands and sand dunes, situated about 2km inland from the mouth of the Aire River and Glenaire Beach.

There's actually two campsites here, one on each side of the river.

The smaller camp ground is on the eastern side of the river, and offers a more secluded camping experience amongst trees.

The Western side is right on the river, but is more open to strong winds and harsh weather. We camp on the Western side most of the time as it has better access to the river (although in recent years they have prohibited camp fires on the west side)

The campsites are connected by a timber bridge, which connects Horden Vale Road and Sand Road. Both roads offer access from the Great Ocean Road, with Sand road leading straight to Castle Cove.

My parents went camping here with family friends since before I can remember, and before anybody really knew about this special place. Today it is one of the most popular camping spots in Victoria, so if you're looking for a more solitary experience then you may want to consider somewhere else.

Johanna Beach

Johanna Beach
Johanna Beach is also a very popular camping spot which is situated just behind the dunes of the beach. I stayed here with my boys a few years ago. It was in the warmer months so we got to sleep under the stars in the back of the Ute! (oh, that's truck for some).

Sleeping under the stars is something everyone needs to do at least once, and when you do it anywhere along the Great Ocean Road, you will see a sky chock full of so many stars, they will start to look like clouds of them!

Stevenson's Falls
Stevenson's Falls Campground is another large camping location at the start of the walking track to the wonderful falls and newly constructed viewing platform. It caters for caravans and campers too!

There is just too many campsites to list on one page, but here are some of the better camping locations along the Great Ocean Road...

  • Blanket Bay. Sheltered sites near the beach (just Beautiful)
  • Beauchamp Falls. Small Campground near the walking track.
  • Lake Elizabeth. On the Riverbank, just near the Lake.
  • Dando's Campground. Near Gellibrand. Beautiful Pine forest setting.

    And Of Course don't forget the Great Ocean Walk, one of the world's great Camping Trails.

    Also, don't forget to check out some great camping food ideas here, and campfire games here.

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