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Six Campfire Games - Join Around the Campfire for Plenty of Laughter and Great Fun.

When on an excursion in the great outdoors, campfire games are essential for a well-rounded camping experience. It requires participation from the campers, which is a great way to socialize and spend quality time together, whether with friends or family.

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Treating yourself to a camping trip away from the television, telephone, computer, and all other such devices allows you to relax, clear your mind, and enjoy the wonders of the great outdoors that are easily forgotten in the midst of a hurried and busy lifestyle.

Bear in mind the age of the campers when selecting your games. Very young campers may experience excessive fear and inability to sleep, for example, if ghost stories are told around a campfire just prior to bedtime. Choose the games wisely based on the specific group of campers on the trip.

There are many different campfire games with several versions. Some games are intended for adult groups, some for teenagers, and some for young kids. Almost all games can be modified to suit a particular age group.

1: Campfire Game Round-Up

The first thing to do after supper is finished and the fire is crackling nicely is to organize everyone around the fire ring. Ask if any of the campers have any campfire games they'd like to play. Weigh the response of the other campers to the suggestions received, and give a couple a try and see how that pans out.

2: Name That Tune

Fashioned after the popular television game show, one fun campfire game is "Name that Tune." Keeping score is optional. Start with one camper and have them select a song and provide a "hint" to the song title.

Have the camper hum a few notes of the song, and watch for the first hand to go up. If the camper with the first raised hand guesses the song, award them 5 points and continue the game, allowing the next camper in the circle to choose a song.

If the first camper guesses incorrectly, the camper who chose the song hums a few notes of the song again. The camper who guessed incorrectly cannot have another chance at the same song. Continue around the camp ring until the song is guessed. More notes hummed may be required to encourage a winner.

The method of scorekeeping and number of points awarded can be modified based on personal preferences. In the event of a tie at the end of the game, consider a "showdown" to determine a final winner.

3: Campfire Games - Where's the Carrot

One person is chosen to find the carrot. The camp circle will need to be large enough to allow the one finding the carrot to be inside the circle.

The campers in the ring pass the carrot behind their backs, trying to keep the chosen person from finding it. Whenever the person in the center is not looking, campers take a bite out of the carrot. If the carrot is not found before being totally consumed, the camper in the center gets a point. Points are not good.

If the camper in the center does find the carrot, he switches places with the person caught with the carrot. Another vegetable can be used instead, which can add a lot of fun to the game. Consider the possibilities!

4: Campfire Games - The Underpants Game

One person is chosen to be "it" and stands in the center of the camp circle. The other campers in the camp ring ask "it" questions. The only response "it" can make is "my grandma's underpants."

The goal is to make "it" laugh, so you can see the questions can be very creative based on the known response. When "it" laughs, the camper who inspired the reaction switches places with "it."

5: Campfire Games - Honey If You Love Me

One person is chosen to be in the middle. This camper can perform many different poses, actions, etc. to get the ring campers to laugh. He goes from camper to camper in the ring and says "Honey if you love me you'll smile."

The camper in the ring must respond without laughing or smiling with "Honey I love you but I just can't smile." The person in the center cannot touch the other campers, but again he can use poses, motions, and actions to encourage the camper to smile during the response. When a camper does smile, he then becomes the centre camper.

6: Campfire Games - Hot Potato

The campers stand in a circle, passing around a potato. While the potato is passing, they chant:

"The potato spud goes round and roundTo pass it quickly, you are boundIf you are caught holding it last,The game for you has surely passed, and you are out.

The camper caught holding the potato at the end of the chant on the word "out" is eliminated, and the game continues until there is a winner.

- Fun Around the Camp Fire

Some of the best games are those made up on the fly. All campfire games originate somewhere, and who's to say your campfire group won't invent the best game ever? You might be amazed at the ideas some campers will come up with.

Spending time with friends and family around a campfire playing games is great fun, and laughter is a wonderful way to relax and enjoy others around you. Start a notebook of games and add to it as time passes, adding new games, creating variations of others, and carry it with you to every campout you go to. It will surely be a big hit!

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