Campfire Cooking Recipes

Easy Campfire Cooking Recipes

If you've never experienced campfire cooking then you don't know what you've been missing. The very thought of the smell of cooking meat, mixed with the smell of smoke from smouldering wood, is enough to get the taste buds tingling straight away. Modern day cookware makes for easy campfire cooking, but how easy are campfire cooking recipes?

Quick Kids Meals

If you've got kids with you then obviously they are going to want to be involved. One of the easiest introductions to cooking on the campfire is to allow them to cook their own food on the end of a long stick, held over the fire. Simple recipes include sausages on sticks, kebabs or toasted marshmallows. Kids love cooking their own food, but just make sure they are supervised at all times.

The simplicity of Cooking in Foil

When it comes to cooking outdoors, keeping things simple is definitely best. The easiest way by far to cook a wide range of foods is to wrap in foil and leave it in the coals to cook. Foods such as potatoes and fish are wonderful done this way. The only drawback is knowing when the food is actually cooked and it can be difficult locating and getting the food out of the hot fire. One of the most delicious campfire recipes for baked potatoes is to make several slices in them, being careful not to cut right the way through, and insert a thin slice of onion into each slice together with a thin slice of cheese. Sprinkle over some bacon cubes and season well with salt and pepper. Leave in the coals until potato is soft and cooked right through.

Using a Grill

If you're using a grill, over your fire, then it offers you a lot more scope. Again, keep things simple but flavoursome. Onions and peppers always feature highly in campfire cooking recipes and a great recipe idea is to thinly slice some chicken breasts and marinade in a bbq sauce for abour half an hour. Meanwhile cook some sliced peppers, onion and garlic on the grill and when done remove to a plate and cover to keep warm. Then grill the chicken slices until they are cooked and serve in tortillas along with the grilled peppers and onions, mmmm delicious.

A Sweet Favourite

For the sweet toothed amongst you, baked bananas in foil is always one of the favourite of campfire cooking recipes. Simply slice the bananas lengthwise, leaving them in their skins, stuff them with marshmallows, cream and a little chocolate sauce, cover in foil and place in coals for around 10-15 minutes. The result is always the same – sweet, gooey and delicious!

So, if you've never experienced campfire cooking before, then what better time to start!

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