Blanket Bay: Pristine, Peaceful, Perfect!

Blanket Bay is tucked away in an isolated pocket of coastline near the famous Cape Otway Lighthouse. It's one of the hidden treasures of the Great Ocean Road and a highlight of the Great Ocean Walk.

Oh the Serenity!
This is is one of those 'secret spots' that may be a bit out of the way, but is well worth the detour. The Great Ocean Road is many Kilometres inland from here, so not too many people find their way to this special place. You'll feel like the only person on the planet here at times. The last time I was here I saw one lone fisherman in three hours of shooting.

The shoreline is unspoilt as far as you can see, and the bay's beautiful rock ledges come to life in the right lighting conditions, offering a seemingly endless array of patterns and interesting angles to photograph.

Historic Ruins
The only hints of civilization are the Great Ocean Walk markers and steps leading onto the beach, as well as the old storage hut ruin. A stone chimney is the only thing that remains of the old storage hut, once used to store lighthouse supplies coming in from the sea. Inland supplies were much later, due to the impenetrable forests surrounding the Cape.

Historical photos at Cape Otway Lighthouse show a jetty here too, but that has long since disappeared. The Jetty was the more permanent landing site for incoming supplies. The original, yet troublesome landing point for supplies was at Parker Inlet at the mouth of the Parker River.

Camping & Picnics
The Campsite here is where Great Ocean Walkers spend their second night (after Elliot Ridge) and is one of a few Great Ocean Walk campsites also accessible by car. You must book ahead to camp here, and Summer camping is by ballot.

Getting Here
Access is via Cape Otway Road, about 15 minutes past Apollo Bay (Just follow the signs to Cape Otway) About 10km from the turnoff from the Great Ocean Road you turn left at Blanket Bay Road (It's signposted, but it's easy to miss. If you see the ocean you've gone too far). It's about 6km to Blanket Bay from the turnoff. On the way, you will cross Parker River (just after the turnoff to Parker Inlet & Point Franklin.)

It's worth the drive to Parker Inlet & Point Franklin for another one of those moments of sheer isolation.

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