Bells Beach: Surfers Heaven

Bells Beach is one of the most famous Surf Beaches in Australia. This iconic beach is home to the Rip Curl Pro, the longest running Surfing contest in the World. All the worlds’ best male and female surfers converge here every year as part of the ASP World Surfing Tour.

(Bells Beach Australia: The beach is practically deserted on an overcast and surf-less day)

Non surfers might wonder what all the fuss is about when they get here. Sure it's a beautiful beach surrounded by cliffs on all sides, but I must admit, when I first came here I was expecting a sprawling beach that went for miles. But it is undoubtedly beautiful.

I guess Landscape Photographers judge a beach by different standards, but as far as surfing goes, Bells is one of the greatest.

So Much surf!
Bells is part of the Bells Beach Surfing Recreation Reserve which includes Bells and Southside beaches. There are six Surf Breaks in the reserve, creating up to 6m surf at times. Bells has two breaks: The Bowl & Rincon. To the South west are Centreside and Southside breaks, while Winkipop is to the North East. All the breaks are within walking distance from each other. No wonder surfers love this place!

Point Break
The Breaks here are 'Point Breaks' where waves hit rock shelfs jutting out from the coastline. That's what makes the surf so reliable here. Sandy seabeds can move around over time.

While we're on the Subject... the Movie 'Point Break' starring Patrick Swaze and Keanu Reeves wasn't filmed here. The movie does culminate with a scene of giant surf supposedly at Bells, but the shot was actually filmed at Cannon Beach, Oregon.

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