Beautiful Beauchamp Falls

Although Hopetoun Falls are better known, Beauchamp Falls are no less impressive!

Situated within a few kilometres of each other, and being equally beautiful, these striking falls can be regarded as 'sisters'.

Unlike it's sister, Beauchamp falls requires a 3km walk before you get a view of them. It's not all bad though; the walk itself is through temperate rainforest and lush mountain ash forest, and is a treat in itself. Allow a good hour and a half to walk there, take in the view, and walk back (the walk back is generally uphill, so you'll want to take it a little slower!).

Recent works at the falls means you view the falls from a dedicated platform, which I have to say is not good news for photographers! The platform vibrates quite considerably from the force of the water hitting the rocks below, and as a result, getting a good shot is a fair challenge.

It should be also noted that there is a small campsite near the carpark, for those seeking to 'bond' with nature overnight.

Getting here

To get here from the Great Ocean Road, you would either divert at Lavers Hill, heading inland past the township of Beech Forest and turn right a few kilometres later at Aire Valley Road, or cut across from near the Cape Otway turnoff on the Great Ocean Road. Look out for the sign to Beech Forrest. The second option is a 20 minute drive after the turnoff, through lush forests and ferns, but is winding and can be rough after heavy rain.

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