Bay of Islands Coastal Park

The Bay of Islands Coastal Park covers 32km of coastline between the Hamlet of Peterborough and the City of Warrnambool. Although the bay which shares the parks name is the best known attraction, there are many natural wonders within the park.

The Bay
The Bay of Islands is one of my favourite natural wonders along the Great Ocean Road. It's not as well known as the 12 apostles, but is still an amazing place to visit.

The Bay is very photogenic, perhaps that's why I like it so much!

To capture the wide vista of the bay you either need to 'stitch' multiple photos together, or use a dedicated panoramic camera. The above picture is a 140 degree panoramic shot taken with a Noblex swing lens camera.

Bay of Martyrs

The view from the Bay of Martyrs is spectacular, with sweeping views of the many rock stack islands. There is a short walk to Halladale point; the site of the 'Falls of Halladale' wreck, which hit a reef in 1908.

Sandy Cove

Sandy Cove is large and photogenic cove at the western end of the park. It has distinct rock stacks at the western end, not unlike those of the 12 Apostles. Before Childers Cove was better signposted, I had mistaken this as Childers Cove.

On a recent family Holiday (Vacation for some of you) we spent an afternoon at the cove with the kids. They had an absolute ball in the water. Swimming isn't advisable here as it can get rough, but it was calm enough to let them splash in the waves a bit.

Murnanes Bay

Murnanes Bay is another beautiful little bay just past Sandy Cove. It's Very similar to Childres Cove.

Stanhope Bay

Stanhope Bay is also worth a look. It is accessible via a short sandy track to the left as you head towards Sandy Cove. There was steps down to the beach, but have been closed due to poor maintenance.

Childers Cove

Childers Cove is a little known hidden gem just past Sandy Cove, at the end of the road. It's the site of the wreck of the 'Children', which was shipwrecked here in 1839 with the loss of 17 lives. Childers Cove is a beautiful little cove surrounded by sandstone cliffs. I'm surprised it hasn't been used as a hand picked location in hollywood movies. It's really a photogenic place, and it's secluded location almost guarantees that you'll be the only one there.

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