5 Great Backpacking Tips

5 Great Backpacking Tips.

Backpacking is a great way of travelling around if your funds are limited and your plans, if any, rely pretty much on what the weather is like and what action is going down. If you're not an experienced backpacker, then some of the following backpacking tips may help you to avoid some of the pitfalls.

1. Passport and Visas – now you'll be surprised how many people fail to check that their passports are in date, and it can take weeks or months, especially in the summer time, to get a new passport. Also, do your homework and check whether you need any visas at your destination. Some countries practically require a visa before you get on to their turf and you can easily be sent back to where you came from.

2. Planning your trip – from a personal point of view I have found that one of the best backpacking tips is not to plan an itinerary for when you arrive. By all means check out the weather, check out campsites and hostels and see if there are any festivals on, but other than that go with the flow and ask the locals what's worth doing and seeing.

3. Check whether you need vaccinations for where you are going. Nobody enjoys being used as a pin cushion but when the alternative could be serious illness or even death, I know which I would rather have.

4. Travel Insurance – yes, you could take a chance and not bother, but when you consider the number one cause of accidents and fatalities when travelling abroad is automobile accidents, I wouldn't take that chance. Have you seen just how they drive in countries like India, China and Egypt? Some policies also cover for lost or stolen backbacks as well as Ipods and cameras.

5. Don't go spending all of your money before you leave home on things that you might just need for your trip. Write yourself a list before you go to the store otherwise you can easily overspend. On your list should be the very basics that you need, i.e. a lightweight backpack with the minimum of equipment inside. Remember, it's your back that is going to bear the brunt of the weight.

Hopefully, these tips will serve you well and on your next trip, you will no doubt have collected plenty of your own ideas gained from your past experiences.

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