Backpacking Australia: Some simple tips.

Backpacking Australia has to be at the top of most backpacker's lists. With the Outback, the Great Barrier Reef, Great Ocean Road and it's Rain Forests, it's not hard to see why. Backpacking in Australia is great fun but it can also be hard so here's some top tips to help you enjoy your trip on the cheap.

Value for money

If you're booking a trip then don't just focus on the price and pick the cheapest. Make sure you take care to find out exactly what is included. Often you may think you are getting a bargain only to find you have to pay for your meals on top of what is included. Remember, there's nothing more horrid than sitting it out for 3 days in a dump when for 5 dollars extra you could have been having the time of your life.

Warm clothes

When backpacking Australia it makes sense to have some warm clothes with you. The sun doesn't always shine and you can get caught out at all sorts of strange times, whether it be the middle of the night in the desert or simply walking along the tops of windswept cliffs in the summer. Always carry a light weight thermal top that you can slip on for such occasions and you'll be surprised at what a difference a beanie slipped on to your head can make.

Swiss Army Knife

This has to be the “must have” item on every backpacker's list. Whether you want scissors, a bottle opener, knife, screwdriver or corkscrew, this Swiss Army knife is a tool for all occasions. Don't leave home without one!

Be Flexible

I always think it's sad to meet people who seem to have every minute of every day mapped out. Backpacking Australia should be full of adventure, and how's that going to work if you insist on sticking to a schedule.

Check your tickets

I know this sounds obvious, but believe me, it's easy to get swept away with the excitement of a place and all that is going on and forget to check your tickets. Missing your flight is an expensive inconvenience that I wouldn't wish on anyone.

You probably won't get to go backpacking in Australia too frequently, so make sure it's a trip of a lifetime and have fun!

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