The Awe Inspiring Great Ocean Road.

Welcome to the Great Ocean Road!
I'll be sharing with you some of the best places to experience, the hidden wonders and everything this wonderful coastline has to offer.

I'll share first hand knowledge of the seaside paradises of...

  • Torquay
  • Anglesea
  • Lorne
  • Apollo Bay
  • Port Campbell
  • Warrnambool and others.

    I'll take you past the famous Bells Beach and glorious Otway Ranges. Beyond the 12 apostles, Bay of Islands and Loch Ard Gorge

    I'll show you unspoilt & solitary beaches, where you'll be the only person in sight, places like...

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  • Blanket Bay
  • Aire River
  • Childers Cove
  • Wreck Beach & so much more.

    I'll also walk you through the beautiful Surf Coast Walk and world renowned Great Ocean Walk.

    The 'Must Do' Road Trip!
    The Great Ocean Road is on the 'must travel list' of Millions of would be Australian tourists. If it's not on yours, it should be! There is just so much to experience on this Magnificent Journey.

    Start your Great Ocean Road Adventure: Torquay

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    The Great Ocean Road Victoria... How to get there.
    You may have heard of the Great Ocean Road Victoria, but don't know exactly where it is or how to get here. Photographer Michael Willem gives a great Introduction to the Area.
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    Beautiful Barwon Heads
    Barwon Heads is only a small coastal town but it offers so much variety- not only has it been the setting for a popular Australian television show, but the area also caters for golfing enthusiasts and
    Historic Queenscliff
    Queenscliff is a classic seaside town, with heritage architecture lining the main street, which further adds to the charm of the place. With its rich maritime and military history, 19th Century archit
    Torquay Australia: The start of your Great Ocean Road Adventure.
    Torquay Australia: The ever popular resort town which marks the official beginning of the Great Ocean Road. It is the capital of Surfing in Victoria, with famous Bells Beach right...
    Anglesea, the perfect coastal village.
    I really like Anglesea. For me, it's the 'real' start of the Great Ocean Road. It's far enough from Melbourne to feel like you're 'escaping to the coast', yet is only just over an hour away.
    Romantic Aireys Inlet. Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia
    If you want a quiet, relaxing and romantic getaway, then Aireys Inlet is the perfect place for you. Pristine beaches, a famous Lighthouse and an intimacy found in few other Great Ocean Road towns.
    Escape to Lorne. Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia
    Lorne is a uniquely beautiful town with a wonderful charm all it's own. It attracts visitors all year round. It is approximately half way between Torquay and Apollo Bay along the Great Ocean Road.
    Wye River
    The tiny town of Wye River is the place to go if you want to enjoy the coast without the chaos and commotion of some of the larger, busier towns. Located between Lorne and Apollo Bay.
    Escape to Apollo Bay, Great Ocean Road, Victoria.
    Landscape Photographer Michael Willem shares his knowledge, experiences and fond childhood connection with Apollo Bay and the surrounding natural beauty.
    Lavers Hill. The Rooftop of The Great Ocean Road.
    The small township of Lavers Hill is the highest point on The Great Ocean Road. The small hamlet is also the farthest inland point of the road and has many attractions both in the town and nearby.
    Port Campbell, sightseeing central on the Great Ocean Road.
    Port Campbell is the central tourist hub for many of the Great Ocean Road's most famous landmarks. The 12 Apostles and Loch Ard Gorge are only minutes away from this beautiful seaside village.
    Warrnambool. The pot of gold at the end of the Great Ocean Road
    Wonderful Warrnambool is the seaside city that greets travellers at the end of the Great Ocean Road.
    Port Fairy: A Magical Seaside Township
    Escape to Port Fairy: Fabulous scenery and a perfect place to unwind. Port Fairy offers one of the best opportunities to have a great enjoyable getaway that you will long remember.
    The 12 Apostles. The Jewel in the crown of the Great ocean Road.
    Landscape Photographer Michael Willem shares everything you want to know, and the best ways to experience the amazing natural formations we call the 12 Apostles.
    Great Ocean Road Lighthouse Vacations
    If you're a fan of lighthouses and you're looking for one of the best lighthouse vacations, then one of the best places to visit has to be Australia with its 36,735 km of coastline.
    The Great Ocean Walk. One of the worlds great nature walks.
    The Great Ocean Walk is on the list of 'must do' nature hikes for many hikers and backpackers. This simply stunning walk starts at Apollo Bay and stretches a gruelling 105km to Princetown.
    Spectacular Surf Coast Walk
    The Surf Coast Walk is a spectacular trail weaving its way along cliff tops, popular surf beaches and coastal bushland tracks. It starts at Jan Juc and finishes at Moggs Creek, but is undergoing upgr
    Bay of Islands, Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia
    The Bay of Islands is one of my favourite natural wonders along the Great Ocean Road. It's not as well known as the 12 apostles, but is still an amazing place to visit.
    The Beautiful Waterfalls of the Otways & Great Ocean Road.
    Landscape Photographer Michael Willem shares his favourite & most beautiful Waterfalls in the Otway & Great Ocean Road region, and the best ways to experience them.
    Australian Beaches, The Great Ocean Road
    Australian Beaches are among the best in the World, and the Great Ocean Road is no Exception! We have some of the best beaches in Australia for Surfing, Fishing & Sightseeing
    Cape Otway. More than 'just' the lighthouse.
    When most people think of Cape Otway, they immediately think of the lighthouse. While The Cape Otway Lighthouse is undoubtedly the drawcard for the area, there is more to see in this wonderful area.
    Famous Shipwrecks along the Great Ocean Road
    There are many famous shipwrecks scattered along the Great Ocean Road. There are few coastlines as infamous for shipwrecks as Victoria's South West Coast, otherwise known as the Shipwreck Coast.
    Majestic Hopetoun Falls. Queen of the Beautiful Otways Waterfalls.
    If you could name any of the Otways' dozens of waterfalls, chances are it would be Hopetoun Falls. This stunning waterfall roars over its impressive rock face and pounds into Aire river below.
    Blanket Bay: Pristine, Peaceful, Perfect!
    Blanket Bay is tucked away in an isolated pocket of coastline near the famous Cape Otway Lighthouse. It's one of the hidden treasures of the Great Ocean Road and a highlight of the Great Ocean Walk.
    Amazing Wreck Beach, Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia
    Wreck Beach is another one of those 'Secret Spots' on the Great Ocean Road. The beach is named for its two prominent shipwrecks; The Fiji, and the Marie Gabrielle, whose anchors serve as a...
    Erskine Falls, Lorne, Victoria
    Erskine Falls is one of the best known waterfalls of the Otway Ranges and is certainly among the most visited. The falls are also the highest single drop of all the otway waterfalls.
    The Loch Ard Shipwreck, The most famous shipwreck along the Great Ocean Road
    The wreck of the Loch Ard, and the story of survival surrounding it is probably the best known of all the shipwrecks in Victoria.
    Great Ocean Road Photography Tours
    Photography Tours on the Great Ocean Road. The Great Ocean Road region attracts photographers from all over the world, and for good reason... It's spectacular!
    Great Ocean Road Hiking Vacations
    If you're looking for one of the World's ultimate hiking vacations, then look no further than Victoria's South West Coast and The Great Ocean Road!
    Camping Locations on the Great Ocean Road
    When it comes to Camping Locations, the Great Ocean Road and Otway Ranges have some of the best Camping Spots in Victoria and South Eastern Australia. From Coastal camp trails, to camping deep in...
    Surfing Australia: Victoria's Surf Coast
    Surfing Australia is a dream for many international tourists. Victoria's Surf Coast has to be the Jewel in Australia's Surfing crown.
    Picnic Ideas & BBQ Spots along the Great Ocean Road.
    Picnic Ideas & BBQ Spots: The best Picnic & BBQ spots for your next day out along Victoria's Beautiful Great Ocean Road.
    Warrnambool Whale Watching: One of the World's great whale nurseries.
    Warrnambool Whale Watching is the best whale watching experience in Victoria. Warrnambool is home to
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    Essential Camping Food Ideas for the Great Outdoors
    Stuck for Camping Food Ideas? There is something extraordinary about being out in the open air and cooking over a campfire.
    Six Campfire Games - Join Around the Campfire for Plenty of Laughter Fun
    Campfire games are essential for a well-rounded camping experience. There are many different campfire games with several versions. Some games are intended for adult groups, some for teenagers
    The Essential Hiking Gear Checklist
    The Importance of a good Hiking Gear Checklist. Unless you have been hiking before, you will inevitably take too much on your first trip and will definitely not make the same mistake next time.
    Picnic Food Ideas
    Embrace the great outdoors with these great Picnic food ideas! Nothing is more fun than spending quality time with families and friends and enjoying a picnic.
    Campfire Cooking Recipes
    Simple Campfire Cooking Recipes to fire up your camping trip! If you've never experienced campfire cooking then you don't know what you've been missing.
    Simple Backpacking Food Ideas
    Great Backpacking food Ideas that are Light and Tasty! Backpacking takes an enormous amount of energy and you need to replace that energy by filling up with high calorie foods that will not only...
    Great Ocean Road Hotels and Accommodation Reviews
    This page is created for you to share your favourite Great Ocean Road Hotels experience. Everybody has their favourite hotel, motel or Villa... here's your chance to share yours with the world!
    Great Ocean Road Budget Accommodation
    Great Ocean Road Budget Accommodation Directory! Find Budget Accommodation along the Great Ocean Road.
    Great Ocean Road Family Accommodation
    Great Ocean Road Family Accommodation Directory! Find Family & Mid Priced Accommodation along the Great Ocean Road.
    Great Ocean Road Luxury Accommodation
    Great Ocean Road Luxury Accommodation Directory! Find Luxury Accommodation along the Great Ocean Road.
    Backpacking Australia: The Backpacking trip of a Lifetime
    Backpacking Australia has to be at the top of most backpacker's lists. With the Outback, the Great Barrier Reef, Great Ocean Road and it's Rain Forests, it's not hard to see why.
    5 Great Backpacking Tips
    5 Backpacking Tips. Backpacking is a great way of travelling around a country if your funds are limited and your plans, if any, rely pretty much on what the weather is like and...
    Lower Kalimna Falls: A Unique & Beautiful Waterfall
    Lower Kalimna Falls, near Lorne on Australia's Great Ocean Road, is one of the more beautiful waterfalls in the Otway Ranges.
    Upper Kalimna Falls
    Upper Kalimna Falls, near the beautiful town of Lorne on Australia's Great Ocean Road. Two beautiful waterfalls on one fantastic walk.
    The Falls Festival
    The Falls Festival is one of the largest Festivals held along the Great Ocean Road. The Falls Festival has become one of Australia’s favourite festivals, so demand does exceed the 16,000 tickets...
    Queenscliff Music Festival
    Every year, in the last weekend of November, music-lovers converge on the town for the increasingly popular Queenscliff Music Festival. Attracting a varied crowd of musicians and fmusic aficionados.
    Port Fairy Folk Festival
    Port Fairy Folk Festival: For 34 years, the town has held the Folk Music Festival. Each March, artists come from points near and far to play in the festival that features blues, bluegrass, Celtic, jaz
    Cora Lynn Cascades, Great Otway National Park
    Cora Lynn Cascades are a lesser visited series of waterfalls behind Lorne on the Great Ocean Road
    Gibson Steps, Port Campbell NP
    The Gibson Steps, just next door to the famous 12 Apostles, is a must see attraction on The Great Ocean Road
    Loch Ard Gorge, Port Campbell NP
    Popular Loch Ard Gorge is a few kilometres past the famous twelve apostles on the Great Ocean Road.
    Great Ocean Walk Stage Two
    Great Ocean Walk stage Two: Elliot Ridge to Blanket Bay
    Great Ocean Walk Stage Three
    Great Ocean Walk stage Three: Blanket Bay to Parker Inlet
    Great Ocean Walk Stage Four
    Great Ocean Walk stage Four: Parker Inlet to Aire River
    Great Ocean Walk Stage Five
    Great Ocean Walk stage Five: Cape Otway to Aire River
    Great Ocean Walk Stage Six
    Great Ocean Walk stage Six: Aire River to Johanna Beach
    Great Ocean Walk Stage Seven
    Great Ocean Walk stage Seven: Ryan's Den to Devil's Kitchen
    Great Ocean Walk Stage Eight
    Great Ocean Walk stage Eight: Devils Kitchen to Glenample Homestead
    Carisbrook Falls
    Carisbrook Falls: one of the Otway's highest waterfalls
    Camping Games - 6 more games for even more camping fun!
    Camping Games - 6 more games for even more camping fun!
    Koala Facts
    Some Koala Facts You May Or May Not Know A trip to Australia wouldn't be complete without getting a glimpse or two of it's much loved native, the Koala.
    Henderson Falls
    Henderson Falls, one of many treasures behind Lorne on the Great Ocean Road.
    Sheoak Falls
    Sheoak Falls: A little treasure just past Lorne
    Phantom Falls, a hidden oasis.
    Phantom Falls are one of those 'lesser-visited-but-you-have-to-wonder-why' places.
    BBQ Ideas
    3 Great BBQ Ideas That will Turn Your Barbecue Into A Fantastic Occasion.
    Beautiful Beauchamp Falls
    Beautiful Beauchamp Falls: The sister of Hopetoun Falls